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Why should you choose a product from FP Design over other sellers???


We use SPF lumber as building material unless specified otherwise. Kiln dried lumber has a lower content of water making the table lighter, more resistant to warping and bowing, and most of all more resistant to mold. Please know that all outdoor furniture is susceptible to mold. The best way to avoid mold grown is to use a lumber like cedar or apply a finish to the table. When possible we use lumber that comes from SFI and FSC suppliers. Both of these labels are recognized for sustainable harvesting practices.

We use premium deck screws, and galvanized carriage bolts. The water seal and stain that we use is a low VOC's (Volatile Organic Chemicals) product, so it's good on the environment. If you would like we can paint your table for a more permanent finish with low VOC paint. We don't use glue in our designs because it does not allow you to make repairs, or changes, to your pieces if any unforeseen events or vandalism were to occur. Instead we use double the amount of much stronger carriage bolts. No water sealer, including very toxic marine water seal, will last forever, but regular maintenance will prolong the life of your piece indefinitely. You could spend less on another piece, but you will be missing out on the attention to detail.


Our background is in industrial design. This enables us to look at products and design in a much different perspective than someone coming from a construction background. We focus on the human factor and ergonomics of a product, as well as its interaction with the environment. Our designs are chosen specifically for their strength and longevity. Everything is hand made from our shop, and we can custom build a piece for you.


All of the products that we offer are made with sustainable practices in mind. We are focused on trying to create a better relationship with our environment, and helping others do the same. We try as much as possible to choose eco friendly options, source locally, and support the local economy. We our capable of handling residential and commercial orders. You might have seen our work at local businesses, restaurants, and watering holes such as:

The Rose Quarter
Coalition Brewing Co.
Whiskey Soda Lounge
Gold Dust Meridian
East Side Deli
Zack Shack
The Radio Room
Kenny & Zukes Sandwichworks
North Bar
Foster Burger
Produce Row Cafe
Al Forno Ferruzza Pizza
Ford Food & Drink
Rain OR Shine Coffee House
Las Primas
Mi Mero Mole
Meat Cheese Bread
El Brasero (SE Hawthorne & 12th Food Carts)
Rudy's Barber Shop
Captain Jack's Tattoo
Alberta Co-op Grocery
Urban Wellness Center
Busy Bee Daycare & Preschool
Atkinson Elementary
Hood View Junior Academy
Pleasant Valley Middle School
PPS, Portland Public Schools
Clackamas Middle College
Providence Hospital Child Center
DAV, Disabled American Veterans
L'Arche Nehalem
The Evening Hatch
Urban Works Real Estate
WEND Magazine
Thetus Corporation
Cascadian Terrace
The 2012 US Olimpic Track & Field Trials (SportsOne & Nike)
Hopworks BikeBar
52nd Avenue Sports Bar
Anna Banana's
Baker & Spice Bakery
Bambuza Restaurant
Laughing Planet
Dick's Kitchen
Hair Of The Dog Brewing
Anime Asylum
Bollywood Theater
Cascade AIDS Project
Compressed Pattern
Devil's Dill Sandwiches
Mad Greek Deli
Pacific Pie Co.
Papa G's
Poppi's Pipes
Produce Row Cafe
The Kingdom Of Roosevelt Restaurant
Putter's Bar
Rae's Lakeview Lounge
Sasquatch Brewing Co.
Seven Virtues
StreetCar Bistro & Taproom
Sunset Presbyterian Church
Cedar Park Middle School
William Walker Elementary
Central Eastside Food Carts
The Evening Hatch
The Factory Theatre
The Observatory
The Sapphire Hotel